How Much Does it Cost to Make a Flutter App for Your Business?

Did you know that 42% of app developers use Flutter as their primary programming language? According to the 2021 developer poll, it is the most well-known cross-platform mobile framework.Flutter, which was released in 2017, has created a reputation for itself in the cross-platform community.

Yet one issue often arises: how much does it cost to create a flutter app for your business?

We discovered the approximate Flutter app development cost by speaking with professional Flutter app consultants and conducting extensive research.

The cost of developing a flutter app ranges from $15,000 to $2,000,000 depending on the magnitude of the project.

  • Simple Flutter App: $15,000 to $60,000

  • App of Moderate Complexity: $60,000 - $1,20,000

  • Extremely Complex flutter App: $1,20,000 - $200,000

Yet, the cost of flutter app development is determined by a number of things. Read this tutorial to fully comprehend all of the elements.

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Why Should You Go with Flutter?

Flutter has already established its worth just a few months after its formal introduction. This framework speeds up the development of apps while saving time and money.

These are several reasons why entrepreneurs and SMBs should invest in Flutter.

1. Very cost-effective

  • Flutter is less expensive than alternative cross-platform app development frameworks. It provides total assistance for all requirements of any corporation, regardless of company structure or size.

  • Flutter can help developers by providing a code reuse mechanism. Because a single piece of code is utilized to generate an app for several platforms.

  • Small and medium-sized businesses may utilize this platform to build lightning-fast apps with the capabilities they want. Because Flutter apps change swiftly, app development costs are kept to a minimum in this situation.

  • According to recent data, 42% of software developers utilize Flutter.

2. Prompted Development

  • Developing feature-rich enterprise software is typically time-consuming and difficult.

  • If you hire mobile app developers, they will have to work long and hard hours to produce such complex software. Startups and SMBs cannot afford to wait that long or cover the high costs of app development.

  • A credible Flutter app development company can assist small businesses in deploying their apps faster than rivals in this case. Companies can benefit from decreased TTM due to Flutter apps' faster platform performance (Time-to-Market).

3. Outstanding User Experience

  • User interfaces built on Flutter may be implemented on any platform. Because it uses a distinct rendering engine, developers may continue to utilize the same interface even after switching platforms.

  • As a result, app users may have a terrific, native-like experience across all devices. SMBs may develop their client bases by providing the best user experience.

4. Several Widgets

  • Flutter offers a variety of widgets for a variety of businesses. These widgets include a variety of functionalities that allow developers to quickly design complex user interfaces.

  • Third-party widgets and plugins work together to speed up the development process. The UI tool set simplifies the process of developing Flutter apps even further.

  • Businesses may maximize sales by increasing their exposure and reach using Flutter apps.

5. Increased Productivity

  • Designers and developers may collaborate productively and evaluate changes without affecting the code thanks to Flutter's Hot Reloading capability.

  • Throughout the app development process, developers may observe all UI changes. They can also save time and effort.

  • The Hot Reloading feature can boost the overall efficiency of a Flutter app development firm.

6. Modification Capability

  • Because the Flutter platform uses a single code-based development strategy, developers can easily maintain and modify their apps.

  • More flexibility and better customization possibilities are useful for startups and SMBs.

  • Small businesses may alter their Flutter apps to stay up with the current mobile app development trends.

  • Startups may continually modify their apps depending on the feedback and suggestions of their early users.

  • The incredible customizability of Flutter is critical for keeping the app updated and user-friendly.

7. Excellent Reactivity

  • Applications designed using Flutter run seamlessly on all platforms. Without modifying the code, cross-platform Dart apps may be produced.

  • Flutter enables programmers to develop extraordinarily responsive programs. Also, it minimizes the developer's time spent designing applications for numerous platforms and operating systems.

  • Programmers can improve the usability of their applications during this time. Businesses may use these apps on Desktops, web platforms, and cell phones.

What is the average cost of developing a Flutter app?

The average cost of developing a Flutter app ranges from $15,000 to $150,000.

Let's talk about how application sizes range from modest to massive, and how much both may cost to construct.

A small application takes about two months to develop on average. This also applies to MVPs that you intend to create after the initial release. Even if such an application simply includes fundamental functionality and design, it will suffice to test your idea on the market and determine the next stages.

A medium-sized app takes 3 to 4 months to develop. Even if you hire more developers to speed up the development process, the amount of hours and cost of a project will not vary.

A significant application normally takes 4 to 6 months to construct, depending on the quantity and complexity of the features, although it may take longer. The time required to construct an application is partly determined by how well it was planned and how soon decisions are made.

The table below provides specific information on the typical cost of developing a flutter app:

Type of ApplicationEstimated CostTimeline for Development
Small11,200 Dollars2 Months
Mid-sized 16,800-22,400 Dollars3-4 Months
Large22,400-33,600 Dollars4-6 Months

The typical cost varies depending on the type of app:

  • Including all fees, the pricing range for a modest application with basic capabilities, such as a fitness app, is between $25,000 and $35,000.

  • A mid-sized application with sophisticated capabilities such as phone calls will cost between $37,000 and $49,000 to design.

  • A major program with complex features, such as a social networking software, will cost between $35,000 and $60,000 to develop.

  • A major program with complex features, such as a social networking software, will cost between $35,000 and $60,000 to develop.

Factors Influencing Flutter App Development Expense

The cost of developing a Flutter app is directly affected by a number of things.

Here are some of the primary aspects that influence the creation of flutter apps.

Factors Influencing Flutter App Development ExpenseDescription
FeaturesThe cost of designing a Flutter app is determined more significantly by features. Some critical components that should be included in your apps are:
  • Responsive, user-friendly interface

  • A Search Alternative

  • Data Caching Location Maps Chat Support/Call Back Function

  • Payment Gateway Integration with Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Synchronization among several devices.

Complexity of the Applications The cost of designing a flutter app rises with the complexity of the application. The following factors influence the difficulty of a Flutter app:
  • Third-Party Integration Model Tools for Deployment Architecture

  • The ability of a Flutter application to use the built-in functionality of a device.

  • Admin panel creation

  • Using technologies such as Blockchain, AI, AR, IoT, and so on.

  • Integration with legacy systems and other hardware devices.

Layout of the ApplicationsA layout is a setup that allows the User Interface to be visually presented (UI). The cost of designing a Flutter app is affected by the design you want to create for your customers.

Nonetheless, the following are the key cost considerations:

  • Layout complexity of animation content

  • Visual content

  • Interaction between the user and the Flutter developer.

Maintenance & SupportConstant support, maintenance, and news updates are required to retain current clients and attract new ones.

For app maintenance and support services, the company spends 15-20% of the cost of developing the Flutter app.

Frequent updates based on user feedback assist in addressing core issues and flaws that were overlooked throughout the app building process.

App CategoryThe cost of designing a Flutter app is greatly dependent on the type of app you want to create for your business. There are three main types of applications on the market.
  • Dynamic Applications - Dynamic apps rely on real-time access and server-side execution to provide a better user experience. Active applications include Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps.

  • Users may examine and interact with numerous data objects in list display apps by making multiple or single selections.

  • Games -A game application may have advanced features such as AI-enabled capabilities, 3D graphics, high-resolution animation, and so on.

Backend DevelopmentBackend development is also referred to as app development's basics. Furthermore, it offers a variety of services such as data backup, a real-time chatbot, app data, and mobile app security.

We can add the following functionalities to mobile applications with backend development.

  • The database saves user information and provides a personalized experience with backend help.

  • It is straightforward to manage the numerous client demands and other tasks.

  • It can handle all of your apps' security codes and enable data encryption.

  • It helps with data archiving.

IntegrationThe cost of building Flutter apps is determined by the amount of hardware you wish to include in your projects.

With your Flutter app, you may integrate the following features and functionalities:

  • AR/VR applications

  • SMS gateway integration

  • 3-D modeling.

  • Body sensor for medical applications

  • Incorporation of social channels

  • Payment gateway integrations

  • GPS or augmented reality navigation.

DesigningThe design of an app is what initially captures the public's attention. When an app is built to be spontaneous and free-flowing, users are more likely to connect.

Some important design aspects that impact the cost of producing Flutter apps are as follows:

  • Design difficulty

  • Colors, images, and animation

  • Number of displays

  • Interactive representation

App Release PriceThe cost of building Flutter apps is determined by the amount of hardware you wish to include in your projects.

With your Flutter app, you may integrate the following features and functionalities:

  • The Google Play Market and the Apple App Store are the two primary app distribution channels.

  • If you publish an app for internal use within your organization, the App Store will charge you $299 per year.

  • Each company takes 30% of every purchase made through your app.

Server Space RentIf your app involves processing and storing user-generated data, you should factor server space rent into your cost calculation for mobile app development.

Slower application performance and longer user response times may come from a faulty server. Additionally, user data will be lost as a result of faulty servers.

Here, we will discuss the many "Hiring Options" as one of the influencing elements, as well as Outsourcing Businesses in depth.

Flutter Application Development Cost at HireFlutterDev

Depending on the scale of the project, Flutter mobile app development costs between $10,000 and $100,000.

Check out the chart below for information on the many types and features of mobile apps.

Type of Mobile ApplicationsFeatures of Mobile Applications
Hybrid Apps
  • Simple to install on a wide range of devices and operating systems.

  • Simple usage and reasonable development

  • Third-party integration is straightforward.

Native Apps
  • Fast and Reliable

  • High Data Security

  • High Data Security

  • Complete Functionality

  • Total integration.

In addition, we reviewed the various forms of flutter app development, timelines, and flutter app development costs by type.

Types of Applications CostFlutter App Development Timeframe
Simple15,000 $ - 40,000 $4 - 6 months
Medium 30,000 $ - 50,000 $6 - 12 months
Complex60,000 $ - 1,20,000 $More than 12 months

How Can You Reduce Flutter App Development Costs?

If you own a small business, you're probably always searching for ways to save costs, regardless of the service you provide. The cost of designing an app may wind up being one of your primary expenses through the following advice:

1. Outsourcing the job.

Outsourcing your Flutter app is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs and time to market. Despite the fact that Flutter is growing increasingly popular among developers, there aren't many of them

Locating a software development business with Flutter developers on staff is easier than dealing with the complexity of finding and onboarding scarce engineers on a full-time basis. You can successfully reduce the time it takes to deploy a Flutter app by partnering with a developer-focused agent or agency.

2. Use freelancers

When it comes to building mobile applications, you have several options. For example, on platforms like Upwork or Freelancer, you may hire freelancers and pay them between $20 and $35 per hour.

It is a cost-effective method for smaller-scale or simpler projects. It's not the best option for larger projects. In this case, a team of at least two independent contractors would be more advantageous.

3. Remove any unneeded functionality or features.

Although it is critical to keep costs low, there are other reasons to make your Flutter app simple. You can offer more features more quickly and consistently if you don't introduce a feature until it's absolutely necessary to deliver the finest service possible to the user.

Customers will be happier as a result of receiving a better product in less time.

Flutter App Development, Maintenance, and Support

Services Description
Flutter App Design ServicesThe primary purpose of flutter app development is to create robust, easy-to-design apps.

Build Flutter apps with attractive UI and seamless UX that are easy to use, maintain, and delight users.

Cross Platform App Development Flutter developers have considerable experience creating apps for Android and iOS that are secure, scalable, and of the highest quality to provide outstanding performance and a nice user experience.
Flutter Consulting ServicesA critical first step is to get started on the right track. Experts in Flutter can help you assess your current setup and design custom Flutter apps to help you leverage Flutter for a game-changing business approach.
Advanced and Native App Development Flutter offers performance flexibility comparable to native applications. Flutter developers have the ability to quickly integrate the native capabilities of local devices in order to achieve the appearance and feel of a native app.

Is Flutter suitable for all types of application development?

Because Flutter is a cross-platform solution, you can create apps that run on several platforms from a single codebase.

The flutter framework is the foundation of Fuchsia, a planned Google operating system that is expected to eventually replace Android.

Apps that use Flutter are shown below.

Examples of Apps that uses Flutter DescriptionPlayStore Avg. Reviews
ReflectlyThis Flutter app provides in-depth analysis of your days as well as invaluable guidance from top self-help professionals to assist you in dealing with any mental health difficulties.

The AI-powered personal journaling program combines CBT, meditation, and positive psychology. Reflectly is designed to assist users deal with daily stress, eliminate undesirable ideas, and retain a positive mindset.

Postmuse This flutter-built tool also suggests the ideal picture, guaranteeing that your social media marketing seems authentic.

Postmuse is a story editor that assists you in creating tales that will appear excellent on your social media platform.

PairingPairing, a dating and social app, is one of the simplest and most plain instances of a Flutter app.

Flutter's Immediate Run method is handy. Because connections and matches are made through the users' actual communities, pairing enhances dating.

WatermaniacFlutter allows developers to easily maintain and upgrade this application as needed. This app allows users to track how much water they consume throughout the day on their cellphones, allowing them to maintain a healthy body weight.

The lightweight Watermaniac water monitoring app is made possible by the Flutter platform. It enables the user to keep track of their frequent water use.

CryptographUsers of the Flutter-powered Cryptograph smartphone app may view real-time data in the form of exchange rate maps to watch the historical market movement of their favourite cryptocurrency.

Cryptograph's most current studies and statistics include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP), among other cryptocurrencies.

The app displays conversion rates for several currencies.

HamiltonHamilton, a popular and award-winning Broadway musical, has an official app built with the Flutter framework. It was created primarily to keep the band's massive fan base up to speed on all music news.

The Hamilton app includes a karaoke function that allows users to sing along to their favorite songs, a normal quiz game, access to multiple Hamilton lottery games, and unique videos and slideshows.

Meritec Digital LearningMeritec Digital Learning, designed using Flutter, offers a spectrum of e-learning products ranging from fraud detection to cybersecurity.

This app offers a spectrum of e-learning products ranging from fraud detection to cybersecurity.


FAQs about Costs of Flutter App Development

Q1. What services are available for creating Flutter apps?

Flutter is a free and open-source web and mobile app SDK for iOS and Android.

Q2. Is Flutter a backend or a frontend framework?

Flutter, a well-known Google frontend development platform, allows developers to create gorgeous frontends for any screen.

Q3. What language does Flutter use?

Flutter apps employ the Dart programming language, which allows them to take advantage of many of its more sophisticated features.

Q4: How much can a Flutter programmer earn?

Flutter Developers earn $131,625 per year, with wages ranging from $110,000 to $160,000.

Q5. Is Flutter app development more expensive than native app development?

Flutter app development can be more cost-effective than native app development, as it allows developers to write code once and use it for both iOS and Android platforms. This can save time and money compared to writing code separately for each platform.